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Breakaway Consulting, LLC -  is a cutting edge coaching, training and consulting organization that transforms companies, leaders, cultures, and people to become the individuals, organizations and leaders they desire to become. 
What's your next level of SUCCESS look like?
Training, Coaching & Consulting
Breakaway's Consulting, Training & Coaching programs were established by CEO and Founder Jared Larsen largely because of 5 main things - 1. Integrity Matters. 2. Stop focusing only on results and start focusing your energies on the behaviors that will yield the results. 3. It is not about the wins, but rather who you become on the journey.  5. Its time to start helping those companies businesses and individuals that want to work hard, manage to success and desire to continue learning.
Business has changed... The way it is conducted, transacted and closed.  Relationship are built differently, leaders are crafted and groomed differently, attracting talent has become an art, understanding how to motivate and maximize the potential of employees is imperative. The companies that have positioned themselves to shift, think differently, innovate and continue to learn and grow are thriving. Click on the button below to learn more about how we are transforming businesses across America.  Might as well schedule a free Needs Analysis Appt. today.  It might just change your life!
Keynote Speaking
Jared Larsen - is one of the most talented, inspirational and motivational speakers, trainers and coaches around.  Just spend a few minutes with him and you will feel his passion, energy and excitement for serving others. Jared truly desires to bless the lives of those around him and possess an unparalleled ability to tell stories, connect with his audience emotionally and lead, train and motivate people to transform their lives. He is a leader by example, an influencer and delivers subject matter in a unique way by sharing the most influential tips, tactics and strategies to get people in to action.  His nickname on the North Shore is the Hawaiian-Howlie, and for those that don't know what that means, he has the aloha spirit in his soul.  His mission in life is to help influence change in the world today and is paramount to living his dream.
Online Programs and Courses
Jared Larsen - is changing the way that growth, education and learning is transacted.  One of his highest values in life is integrity and he has made it a commitment to deliver world class training, at an affordable price, with the ability to access it at the touch of a finger tip, when convenient.  With the speed of business changing and the necessity to learn on the fly, Jared is thrilled to announce, that coming soon, Breakaway Consulting, LLC  will be offering courses online, virtual webinars and even a podcast. Check back soon for the live launch of the Breakaway's Online portal!
What's Next in Jared's World?

"Burn This In Your Brain"

Coming soon I am excited to launch my latest project... My new book - "Burn This In Your Brain."  I promise this book will be raw, vulnerable, emotional and engaging on a deep level.  ...A read everyone will inspire to get there hands on and share with others. Stay tuned to pre-order your own personalized and Autographed copy!

Here's what they're sayin' about Breakaway Consulting!
"Breakaway Consulting has given our National Sales team the foundational pieces to build businesses worth living for.  He was instrumental in the development of our sales process and systems and KPI's that have increased our overall sales significantly.  He is an influential leader in his industry and community.” - Kris Miller, National President, Nextitle Title & Escrow Company
"After focusing on systems and scripts for a couple of years we felt that getting our company to the next level had more to do with our sales force than our system.  We hired Jared Larsen & invited him into our company to be a direct investment into improving our sales force. What we got was a lot more. 
Not only did he help our sales force get to the next level, he impacted our organization and helped define our culture far greater than anything we have ever experienced. 
I have met many people that can make you recognize the good inside of you. However, Jared does not only have the unique ability to help others recognize the best within them selves, he helps them act on it. He did this, not only for individuals within our company, but for the company as a whole.  
     Jared is a major part of our family now and has significantly helped our organization grow. Since his consulting work, our growth has doubled every year since. Our sales force continues to break personal and company records, and when people tell me that Pinnacle Plus has an amazing culture, I think of Jared Larsen every time."
- CEO & Founder Matt Walker, Pinnacle Plus Financial
“Jared is one of the most dynamic individuals I have met.  He carries an energy and light that draws you in.  Not only is he an amazing guy, he delivers powerful content that moves the needle forward. Jared thinks differently, he challenges the status quo and pushes you to do the same.  You will not stay stuck or stagnant with Jared in your corner!" - Dr. Greg Guymon, Guymon Orthodontics
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